livres_sergeToday I realize once again that if I do not go running immediately after I wake up, I don’t go running that day. I was up at 7 a.m and told myself I would go running in the evening. Running at least 8 kilometers a day is part of my daily routine, but often the lazy demon inside me tricks me into not going. Steven Pressfield calls this demon the ‘resistance’. Whatever you may call it, the fact is that I didn’t go running today and I feel guilty. I did walk something like 10 kilometers today and dragged something like 20 pounds of groceries home. I always do all of my shopping on foot.

So no running, even though I know that a day with running is always better than a day with no running.

I’m still very committed to my goal of earning 4000 euro a month. Perhaps fueled by the delusional idea that 4000 euro a month will buy me peace of mind. I’ll tell you when I get there.

This morning I had an appointment with Buddywerking, an organisation through which I help mentally challenged people. I was supposed to meet up with a schizophrenic, but he didn’t show up. During our last meeting he was suffering from rather severe hallucinations, but he calmed down eventually. I will call him later this week to reschedule.

After that I went to the library because I read one book about therapy and psychology a day and write a short review of these books. The library has almost no psychology books in English, so the first reviews can be found on my Flemish blog.

To my very great surprise I stumbled across a very rare book written by one of my PHD promotors, Serge Noirsain. He has written several books on the American Civil War, and one of them is about the Confederate commerce raiders (see picture). It’s very hard to find, it’s a book in French and sold-out, at least online, but for some reason they had a copy in a second hand book shop right here in Aalst, a Flemish city, so it’s a bit strange the book ended up here. Must be synchronicity or something.

The rest of the day I spent translating from French to Dutch. I worked on an article by Serge Noirsain in which he exposes general Robert E. Lee as a racist who treated his slaves very harshly. Many neo-confederates hate to hear that and will never accept that their Saint of the Lost Cause gets tarnished with… the facts.

At around 7 p.m. I read that the Slovak writer Peter Pišťanek killed himself today. I was born into a very dangerous profession. Right after reading about his death I had an even bigger urge to write, write, write to shut up the demons.