• Connections in Eastern Europe are more durable. In Western Europe you are someone’s friend until you stop being entertaining or stop being useful to them. Like my wife and I live in Slovakia and the moment we refused to let people from the west sleep over at our place is also the moment most of our western ‘friends’ stopped contacting us, since we can’t be used like a free hotel anymore. If am contacted by people from the west it’s usually because they need information about travelling in this region or to use me for free therapy
  • So connections in Eastern Europe are more durable, once a friend always a friend. Friendship around here is less conditional. The downside is that friendship around here is also a lot more boring as most people in Eastern Europe are not interested in much else than their job, their family, drinking and trudging around in nature. If you’re a guy and you want to befriend men in Eastern Europe and you don’t want to drink alcohol you are in for a lonely journey
  • Politicans in Eastern Europe are openly corrupt, in the west they try to hard it a bit better, but in both regions politicans get away with everything, because the general population doesn’t really care about politics. The west is slightly less apolitical than the east. In the east most people are simply allergic to politics and a substantial percentage, perhaps the majority, prefers to have one strong man in charge, one shepherd to guide the flock
  • Religion is more influential in Eastern Europe
  • If you are guy you are only truly free to live your life the way you want in western Europe, definitely not in Eastern Europe
  • Services work way better in western Europe, physicians, hairdressers, the postal service, the tax department… An exception are taxis and hotels, those services are great because they cater to tourists. In Eastern Europe the local population is treated like shit, but foreigners are something extra. In Western Europe the opposite is true
  • Whereas relgion in general is less important in the west, there’s one exception: Islam is on the rise in Western Europe. If you have a political party in the west you need to fill your ranks with at least a couple of well-kempt muslims to be taken seriously.
  • As mentioned before: people in Eastern Europe are more simple, more predictable than in Western Europe, BUT, there are exceptions and those exceptions are more interesting than anybody you will meet in Western Europe
  • Eastern European men tend to be physically stronger and to display more behavior that we in the west would label ‘macho’. At the same time I’ve witnessed far more examples of obnoxious catcalling in the West than in the East
  • Dating has more rules in the east than in the west, dating is a lot easier in Western Europe, and western women are not at traditional when it comes to sex as here in the east
  • Large parts of Eastern Europe have had the disturbing experience of communism and they are still somewhat traumatized by this, although the scars are slowly fading
  • The educational system is a disaster in Eastern Europe as the least capable people go to teach, BUT mathematics seem to be taught on a rather high level, and this may be one of the reasons why the IT industry is booming in Eastern Europe although the west enjoyed a headstart.
  • For some hard to pinpoint reasons people in Eastern Europe look up to France, which is weird, because France is the sick man of Europe and is currently Germany’s bitch. Which is the natural order of things, since Germans are simply superior to French people (let the result of Russia2018 not confuse you, France didn’t win the tournament, Africa won). Is this still because of the legacy of the French revolution? Otherwise I don’t get it, the French are still largely an agricultural society, arrogant, chauvinistic with too much free time to drink pastis, watch movies in which nothing happens and if they have a real job they love to go on strike. Aha, I get, they admire their easy life style and their arrogance, because…
  • Eastern Europe has an inferiority complex. This makes sense because the people in this region have been slapped around all through history and most of their culture and art is totally ignored by the rest of the world AND by the locals themselves. Russians are different and so are Serbians, and perhaps Croats, but most nationalities in Eastern Europe aren’t particularly proud of their country. This is changing however, but slowly. The Poles have a history of pattriotism, but during and after world war two they were so painfully double penetrated in the anus that they have to be quite humble today
    Basically, if you are incompetent in the west, but want to be esteemed in the east merely from being from the west, move to the east. If you don’t want to be respected, but want more money, move from the east to the west. Only second rate people emigrate from the west to the east. And the most capable people in the east migrate to the west